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  1. The cutest craft projects for kids come from Mer Mag DIY!

    Those of you who know me, will know that craft is my thing. Or at least the idea of it is. Now, just in time for the school holidays, comes a load of DIY crafty goodness for kids from Mer Mag blog. And the best news is it all

  2. 10 amazing birthday gift ideas for older kids

    The six-and-older crowd can test one’s gift buying prowess. By the age of six they’ve had a whole heap (well, six, to be precise) of Christmases and birthdays to collect stuff and what’s left to buy? With all my children in this age category, I

  3. Etsy find of the day – paper castle play set

    This charming DIY paper castle set is designed to be easy enough for kids as young as four to make themselves. Simply pop out the pieces, build and then play. The kit includes a castle, dragon, knight and princess. $21 from Infopapercat.

  4. Father’s Day 2015 DIY gift ideas & crafts

    Some of the best Father’s Day gifts are those that are sneakily made at home while dad is unaware. It’s these kinds of personalised, made-just-for-dad gifts that pack the biggest of surprises, with children bursting with pride at their own clever handiwork – and rightfully

  5. Lexi’s five favourite posts

    It’s a stringent process of elimination I use to sift through my past posts to find five (yes, just five, ridiculous I say!) stand out posts for the year. Nonetheless, the job is done and the verdict is in. Click on through to see what

  6. DIY paper doll house furniture from Mrs Citron

    If you looked at these photos and didn’t know a thing about the miniature furniture in them, there is no way you’d believe they’re made of paper. No siree. Definitely not. But they are. And I’m gob smacked at how amazing they look. Introducing May