1. 5 sensory tray play ideas for toddlers and preschoolers

    The basic idea of sensory play is any activity that involves and stimulates a young child’s sense of smell, sight, hearing, touch or taste. Some activities can even involve all five senses! Anything that can encourage a child to investigate, create, play and explore is

  2. Festive silly putty recipe

    School’s out and it’s time to have some festive fun! Try this slimy silly putty recipe on for size, there’s lots of fun to be had in both making it and playing with it!

  3. Two ingredient strawberry ice block recipe

    As summer sets in, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a icy cold sweet treat at the end of a long, hot day. And the kids tell me they feel the same way. Considering an ice block from the freezer quickly becomes less of an

  4. Indoor activities to beat cabin fever this winter

    Winter brings out the fuzzy slippers, the heavy blankets and the movies on the couch but it can also bring out the worst in children, especially if they’re sick. We’ve gathered some ideas for when your kids are under the weather or when the temperature is simply too cold

  5. 10 rainy day activities for toddlers

    Nothing can run a parent more ragged than a tiresome, bored toddler on a cold and wet day. Never fear, I’ve scoured the internet for ten toddler friendly activities to tuck away in your rainy day entertainment arsenal. Come see!


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