This is Not My Hat

You may not have expected a sequel to Jon Klassen’s modern classic, I Want My Hat Back, but you’ll be glad there is.

In the latest from Klassen, This is Not My Hat, we meet a little fish who has found quite a lovely little hat. The hat happens to fit him perfectly although it’s not exactly his to wear (it belongs to an enormous, menacing-looking fish who is sound asleep). The little fish senses it would be wise to hide, just in case the enormous fish comes looking for his hat.

Klassen is a master of creating suspense with an absolute economy of words and simple illustrations. As the story progresses, children will enjoy the growing drama – it’s the classic plot which, if live on stage, would have children shouting “He’s behind you! He’s behind you!”.

I won’t tell you what happens to the little fish and his hat but I do urge you to ask your kids what they think will happen before the final page!

This is Not My Hat is available from Book Depository, which ships free of charge to Australia. For more Klassen, see our previous review of Extra Yarn, a fabulous story that he illustrated.

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