The Worst Princess – because not all princesses are perfect

If you believe everything you read in fairy tales, you’d assume all princesses are perfect. With good manners, lovely frocks and appropriate hobbies. But it’s simply not true. 

‘Once upon a time, in a tower near you,
Lived a lonely princess – the Princess Sue.
“Some day,” she sighed, “my prince will come,
But I wish he’d move his royal bum.”‘

Princess Sue is not an ordinary princess. She doesn’t care for dresses or her ‘penthouse in the tower’, instead she wants adventure…. But first she has to ditch her rather twitty prince and befriend the dragon that has appeared in her garden.

The Worst Princess by Anna Kemp breaks away from the standard princess fare and instead offers up the feisty, go-getter Sue – a princess who isn’t afraid of horse-riding and dragons (albeit at the cost of the prince!). Kemp tells the story in witty rhyming verse, which borders on the pleasant side of cheeky.

“Just as Sue was about to scream,
A prince appeared, ’twas a dream,
‘Oh, Princess, pretty as a pea!
I’ve journeyed far to rescue thee.
I fought, I won,
I shocked, I awed.
You should have seen me swing my sword.
I’ve slain all kinds of vicious foe…’
‘That’s fab,’ said Sue. ‘Now can we go?
Your true love’s kiss should do the trick,
So pucker up and kiss me quick!'”

Matched with  bright, jaunty illustrations by Sara Ogilvie, this book is a winning story with a nice message about not conforming to expectations. It’s suitable for children aged three years and over (even my older boys laughed… perhaps it had something to do with the word ‘bum’?!).

Find The Worst Princess at Book Depository. For another good story about adventurous princesses, check out Tony Wilson’s The Princess and the Packet of Frozen Peas which can also be found at Book Depository.

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