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The first time I took my son to the cinema, aged three, he cried when the lights went down, shrieked when the advertisements came on (is it just me, or do they play the ads with the sound turned up to extra-loud?) and then, when the movie actually started, sat transfixed.

Going to the cinema can be a little overwhelming as well as being very exciting. In the latest from the Maisy First Experience collection, comes Maisy Goes to the Cinema by Lucy Cousins.

Maisy and her best buddies, Tallulah, Cyril, Charley and Eddie, are off to see a movie and this simple story charts the whole cinema experience from choosing what to see, buying snacks, getting used to the dark, sitting still and not talking. And just when everyone is settled, Tallulah needs to go to the toilet. Cousins spares no detail and a double-page spread of Maisiy and her friends tearing to the loo, going “…as fast as they can…”, and washing their hands in record time so that they don’t miss a thing, was cause for much hilarity in our house.


I’m a big fan of the Maisy First Experience books – they artfully capture all the excitement and the little anxieties that accompany many common experiences. The stories range from gentle ‘experiences’ such as going to the library, camping or for a sleepover to those that are potentially a little more fraught – going to hospital, swimming lessons and the first day of pre-school. Each is handled with Maisy and her friends’ characteristic good humour and endearing silliness. If your child has a particular event or new endeavor ahead of them, it’s well worth seeing if there’s a Maisy title to match.

Maisy Goes to the Cinema can be found in all good book shops or online at Book Depository.



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  1. The volume during the ads. is sometimes louder. It it on TV too, some louder than others.

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