Everything Alice

I was recently asked what was my favourite book. If, like me, you’re an avid reader, you’ll understand that this is a very, very difficult question to answer. I love different books for different reasons and have ‘favourites’ in various genres, but if really pressed for an answer, it would be Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.

I love everything about Alice and happily there’s no shortage of ‘Alice stuff’ – in the past we’ve reviewed books, costumes, decor and more. But if you can’t get enough Alice then you need Everything Alice by Hannah Read-Baldrey and Christine Leech.

Billed as the ‘Wonderland book of make and bake’, Everything Alice is brimming with fifty stunning craft projects and recipes.

As I’m more capable in the kitchen than at the craft table, I turned firstly to the scrumptious recipes – ‘Drink-Me Cordials’ (including pear and ginger cordial), Duchess macaroons, Cheshire Cat sandwiches, pretty preserves, red velvet cupcakes and a show-stopping Curious Teapot Cake.

The craft projects range from simple, such as a heart-shaped letter holder and teacup candles, to true keepsake pieces, such as the delicate Wonderland Mobile and the March Hare’s Teapot Cozy.

If you are planning an Alice-themed birthday party, know that with Everything Alice as your companion, the party will be unbelievable. From a garden decorated with playing card bunting and giant rose lights to a table set with crown place cards and cake stands constructed from vintage china, your Alice details will be perfection. My favourite party pieces are the Mad Hatter Hats including a flamingo headpiece, White Rabbit ears and a jaunty teacup and saucer hat.

Find Everything Alice online at Book Depository. Also available is Everything Oz, featuring fifty projects inspired by The Wizard of Oz. Book Depository ship free-of-charge to Australia.

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