Dragons Love Tacos

dragons love tacos Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons love tacos. They just do. It doesn’t matter what kind. Chicken. Or beef. Big. Or little. They love em all.

Now kids. Kids love tacos too. Kids also love books about dragons loving tacos. More specifically, kids love this book about dragons loving tacos. Or they will, given the chance to read it. My son had a dragons and knights party for his last birthday and, because I like to theme everything to within an inch of its life, this is one of the presents we bestowed on him. That was back in October and five months on, it’s still his favourite book.

And not merely because tacos and dragons are his two favourite things in all the world. Though how convenient that author Adam Rubin thought to combine the two into a book. And what a book! It’s laugh-out-loud funny, not just the words, but the quirky pictures from illustrator Daniel Salmieri as well.

dragons love tacos inside Dragons Love Tacos

The basic gist is this. Dragons love tacos. And they’re suckers for a good party. Put the two together and you’ve created dragon nirvana. As long as you skip the spicy salsa and stick with mild toppings. Because, as Rubin’s yarn warns and as Salmieri so aptly illustrates, dragons truly hate spicy salsa, right down to their dragon toes. Of course, someone forgets to read the salsa jar label at the giant dragon taco party. Cue the fiery shenanigans!

Don’t add this one to your library just because I say it’s good. Don’t even add it because it’s a New York Time’s best-seller. Add it to your kids’ bookshelf because it still makes a four-year-old laugh his head off. Even after a hundred-and-sixty-seven reads.

Find Dragons Love Tacos at Book Depository, with free shipping to Australia. And hold the spicy jalapenos.

dragons love tacos inside 2 Dragons Love Tacos


  1. This is a great kids book really loved it.

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  2. Great to see you guys promoting good kids books again…haven’t seen one for a while. I buy almost all of them! We love books in our house and really appreciate your suggestions.

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  3. Thanks Jodie, I have this one earmarked for my taco loving youngest too! ~LK

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