Show us your party – Zoe’s Scandinavian fox birthday

Scandinavian fox birthday party

Can a kids’ birthday party be astonishingly simple yet incredibly lavish at the same time? It most certainly can, and here’s the proof!

This beautiful Scandinavian fox party was created by party stylist (surprise, surprise!) Thetis Sardo, of Little Sooti fame, for her own daughter Zoe’s third birthday. Eye-catching to the nth degree, this is one very original celebration that we simply had to show you.

Scandinavian fox birthday, Little Sooti

Each element of Zoe’s party is strikingly simple on its own – the black and white striped tablecloth, the classic white servingware holding their trio of treats and the selection of Zoe’s favourite toys (all with a Scandinavian connection, I might add) for a pop of colour.. But put it all together and, well, all I can say is wow!

fox party 10

Scandinavian fox birthday, Little Sooti. colourful macaroons by Kiss My Cake

I love Thetis’ matter-of-fact honesty in revealing that while she can sure style a mean party, she contracts out the trickier bits. Like the party baking. The sweet treats of macaroons, cupcakes (both above) and striped cookies (below) came from the talented hands of Helen at Kiss My Cakes, along with the rather impressive birthday cake.

Kiss my cake

Scandinavian fox birthday, Little Sooti

I’m also digging the fox masks laid at each place setting, right near the plain cardboard lunch boxes used to hold each guests’ party food. Each box contained a sandwich, muesli bar, muffin, a handful of chips and a drink.

Scandinavian fox birthday, Little Sooti

Scandinavian fox birthday, Little Sooti

The invitations and other graphics came from Ham and Pea, as did that stunning bespoke backdrop, in all its mod art glory. Ham and Pea director Li-Ann, you may remember, is the creative brain behind the toy soldier and yum cha parties featured on Babyology previously.


The party itself was held at kids art and crafts studio Petit Atelier in the Melbourne suburb of Prahran. Thetis tells us guests painted their own foxes on canvases as part of the fun and then heard a telling of children’s book Hattie and the Fox.

fox party 12

When it was home-time, guests took away with them a petite muslin bag bearing a fox logo containing some small novelties, sweets and a stamp. Here it is, along with the paper geometric garlands made by Dandy and Darling used to decorate the party space.

Little Sooti

Now here’s the happy-as-a-fox birthday girl with a smile that tells us one important thing – she had the time of her little life!

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(images via Lee Bird Photography)


  1. Are you KIDDING me?!?! This one takes the cake for me (pardon the pun!). Absolutely astounding, wow, wow, wow!

    Posted .
  2. Very clever but Is this going too far for a 3 year old? What happened to simple, fun parties with musical chairs … and party whistles … what next?!!!!

    Posted .
  3. just gorgeous….love the simplicity…

    Posted .
  4. This was amazing!!, I had the privilege of seeing it first hand and being apart of this amazing party. Everything looked even more amazing in person! Well done Thetis :)

    Posted .
  5. Hi Alexis, it is clever indeed! I don’t think it’s going too far – different strokes for different folks as it’s often said, people can be as over the top or as simple as they like, just as long as everyone is having a fabulous time!

    Posted .
  6. I agree Lexi – for some parents, this is just their ‘thing’ and I think it’s a level of creativity to be admired, even though my kids’ parties are much more the traditional, simple kind.

    I reckon we can give this parent the much-deserved creative credit without needing to question it any further.

    Posted .
  7. Hi guys,
    Thanks for your comments everyone!! This was my daughters party and professionally I am party stylist so like most my parties are a little different. This party was very simple actually, a basic kids table and then a small cake/dessert table. The rest is in the details!! So totally not over the top!! I have seen over the top and this is not it.. LOL!

    Of course, each to there own.. xxx

    Posted .
  8. I absolutely love this! What a blessed kid to have you as a mum!
    She must have felt so special!
    I love the creativity! love it!

    Posted .
  9. Dear Thetis,

    I turned my computer on the next day after writing my comment here while my 3 year old was sitting on my lap (it was around 5:30am … early riser) Pictures of your party were up and she kept saying “Pwease mumma, can I have thad, pwease, pwease, pwease, thad looks like so much fun mumma .. oh pwease”. Oh, I feel terrible and just wish I could take back my comment and create something clever for her … and my 6 year old who is forever longingly looking at kids cake cook books. I should have held back on my comment … and appreciate the talent some people have. Thanks for being so lovely on your replies everyone …

    Alexis X

    Posted .
  10. The party looks great! Just wondering, where you bought the cardboard lunch from?

    Posted .
  11. Wow! Just wow! The attention to detail is ammmazzing!

    Posted .
  12. I love how modern and fresh this party was! Especially enjoyed the attention to detail. Bravo!

    Posted .

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