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Lego birthday, minifigure party masks

My eldest son is a Lego fanatic so when it came time for his eighth birthday, I wasn’t at all surprised when he declared he really, really, really wanted a Lego birthday party! So, less than a month after my daughter’s Wonderland soiree, it was time to put my party hat on again and throw the best damn Lego party I could muster!

Lego these days has all sorts of dimensions – Ninjago, City, Heroes – that easily lend themselves to party themes, but Jack and I decided to go back to basics and use traditional Lego colours of yellow and red as the basis for his celebration, with a bit of green and blue thrown in for good measure.

cool Lego birthday party invitation

Here’s the invitation, inspired by an idea I came across on Etsy. Jack constructed his name out of Lego with much aplomb and creativity, then we simply photographed it and added in the detail. On a Limb can make one to order for you, if you’re not so computer savvy.

Lego birthday party

I didn’t want my son to think his party was any less special than his sister’s, so I went all out again. (Oh the crazy things us mothers do!). You know that old saying, like kids in a candy shop? That’s exactly how the boys reacted when they saw the sweets table. I was absolutely thrilled to see their excitement when they saw all the sweet treats laid out just for them.

Lego birthday party food

lego birthday party food ideas, lego gummies

So what caught their eyes? How about jellies in Lego colours of green, blue, red and yellow. (Don’t you just love the spoon holder, easily made by Blu Tacking a minifigure onto a red Rice cup from Lark). Or soft drinks in the same bright primary Lego colours, with blue paper straws from Invite Me. Vanilla cupcakes and chocolate puddings were dressed with cute edible Lego fondant toppers found online, while m&m’s made for perfect Lego nubs on the sugar cookies. And they woofed down the chocolate Lego minifigures and sour Lego gummies that I made using silicone moulds found on eBay.

Lego party drinks

Lego birthday party food ideas

I even tried my hand at Lego head cake pops made from TimTams – something I will never, ever, ever try again after just about losing my mind! (Here’s my tip to you – don’t waste your money on a write-on edible ink pen. It won’t work! I ended up handpainting each face at two in the morning with a fine brush and a little royal icing!). Take a close look, you’ll see all the dodgy ones I hid at the back! Before I set the boys loose on the sweets, they feasted on little hotdogs, ‘Lego’ pizzas, fairy bread and homemade sausage rolls. Delish!

Lego birthday party, Lego gummies, Lego pizza, Lego party food

The birthday cake was a white chocolate mud number, layered with lemon curd and white chocolate ganache, all made into the shape of  Lego head using a recipe from my new birthday cake bible, Cake Decorating at Home. I coated it with Swiss meringue buttercream and cut out the eyes, brows and mouth details from licorice. Here is it on one of the natty and rather Lego-like Jansen & Co cake stands I found at The Wooden Crate. It disappeared faster than you can say “happy birthday”!

Lego head birthday cake

Now on to the decorations. I spent ages and ages making paper bunting in Lego shades of blue, green, red and yellow to festoon around the backyard marquee, but it was so shockingly windy on the party day that we pulled it all down shortly into the festivities and moved the party to the verandah and indoors instead. Isn’t that always the way? As guests arrived, we had them design their own minifigures, then used those drawings as decorations as well. I used this Lego minifigure printable found online.

lego birthday party games

Lego birthday party games

We also had a guess-how-many-Legos-in-the-jar game, a Lego block tossing game (above) and a build-your-own invention game (below), which kept them nicely occupied while I set up the sweets table. If you look in the top corner of the next photo, you’ll see two giant bags full of yellow balloons – eighty-five balloons, to be precise. Twenty balloons contained a little Lego minifigure head, and one a little Lego man hat. The guests had to pop the balloons by sitting on them and those who collected the most minifigure heads won a prize, with a special prize for the cap finder. It was a riot!

Lego birthday party games

The other game that proved a hit was a Lego relay – the boys were divided into two teams and had to race to fill a cup with tiny Lego pieces. They played this one over again.

I figured eight-year-old were too old for party hats, but I still wanted something that said “party”. So I was thrilled to find these free printable Lego masks online. I had them printed at my local Officeworks, then cut them out and secured them with hat elastic. The boys – and my gate-crashing daughter – loved them. That’s my birthday boy, right of centre in his cool Lego-like Amigos tee by Little Horn, found at Cradle Rock.

Lego birthday party masks

Here’s the low-down on the other small details. My mum made the Lego-yellow tablecloths and bright spotted table runners used to such perfect effect on both the sweets table and the kids’ table, while I made the happy birthday banner and the Lego-like name tags. It’s amazing what you can do with a free Lego font and a husband who knows his way around Photoshop! The red square plastic plates came from The Reject Shop (a last resort when the square paper plates I really wanted proved impossible to find, but here’s the thing – the boys didn’t care a hoot about the plates!) and the red and yellow serving bowls from a local party shop. The birthday boy made the serving dishes used to hold the cake pops and lollipops from Megabloks and Duplo bricks we already had at home.

When all the fun was over, the guests took home a mini Lego container found at Bloomsbury that we filled with Skittles, m&m’s and other small treats. They also scored a giant lollipop (pictured with individual name tags on the sweets table) and various prizes, including Lego minifigures, Lego pens, Lego sharpeners, water bottles, notebooks and other Lego licensed items found in the stationery aisles at Big W and Target. My son’s giant Lego head sorter came in very handy for holding all the prizes.

Lego birthday party favour ideas

Want to share your child’s wow-worthy party with us? Then just fill in the Show us your party form on our contacts page. While we can’t reply to every email, we’ll certainly let you know if your party is chosen to be showcased on Babyology. We can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to seeing your amazing parties!


  1. Amazing. The attention to detail, sweets table, games – how excited & proud your birthday boy would of been. Love it

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  2. You’re mental Nikki!
    Such an inspiration though : )

    Posted .
  3. I still have one more party to show Barbara – my youngest had a dinosaur bash two weeks after this Lego extravaganza! So, yes, I agree, I am completely mental! Look out for it here soon. :)

    Posted .
  4. Love the whole concept, beautifully put together. Happy our cake stands worked so well!

    Posted .
  5. Awesome! My boys would love that party!!

    Posted .
  6. This is amazing!! Well done – if only I had a boy. I have to say I don’t know how you did it – my daughter’s 1st birthday party was about 1/4 this good and I nearly lost my mind!!!

    Posted .
  7. What an aMaZing LEGO Birthday party you put together Nikki. Well Done
    p.s. I’m not sure if I’d have the patience, but your an inspiration x 3.

    Posted .
  8. Amazing! You are a party mumma I aspire to be haha.

    Posted .
  9. Wow, great birthday theme.Looks like the kids had soo much fun.:)

    Posted .
  10. Wow. Thank you for sharing. I’m planing my Www boys 8th. And yours was awesome

    Posted .
  11. this is brilliant,well done,my son is having a lego party this year and i was just wondering if you would mind sharing where you got your lego font from for the banner please,as i have searched everywhere for one like this and have failed.

    Posted .
  12. Hi, what a fabulous job! Thanks for the inspiration! Where can I get the font you used for the banner and party favour name tags etc. thanks so much. Kylie

    Posted .
  13. Hi Donna and Kylie. The font is called Legothick – you should be able to find it to download at most online font sites, such as urbanfonts.

    I added the yellow around it in Photoshop, but you need to know how to work with layers, as it’s actually quite tricky. After I added the yellow shadowing, I cut around the letters/ names and glued them to red cardboard.

    If Photoshop is not your forte, you can always just print the font on thick white paper, then cut out and stick to yellow paper, then cut again and stick to red card. It’s a bit of mucking around but a better option for the not so Photoshop-savvy. Good luck with your parties!

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  14. What type of paper did you use for the masks?

    Posted .
  15. Please unsubscribe my address.

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  16. Chelsea, it was a thin cardboard – sturdy enough to hold its shape but still thin enough to flex and be comfortable for the kids to wear, if that makes sense. It was just whatever they had behind the printing counter at Officeworks. I can’t remember now what weight it was, sorry, but the staff there should be able to help you select an appropriate weight paper.

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  17. Lucy you can unsubscribe from post comment notifications by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the email that is sent! ~ LK

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  18. Hi,
    My so, Jack, wants his 8th birthday to be a LEGO themed party as well.
    I love your invite and party ideas!
    Would you consider allowing me to customize your invite for our party?

    Please let me know what you think.


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  19. where did you get the containers for the jello?

    Posted .
  20. It’s really amazing and fantastic! Each images reflects your effort levels very well! And all the decorations of food items are like purely professional. It’s really great. Hats off!

    Posted .
  21. I love your lego decorations. Could you please help me ? I seen your jellies in the clear cups. What type of dish did you use for this? Also can you direct me where I might find some for my son’s party !!! You are very creative I am blown away by your party planning and decorating skills. Thank you for all the great ideas

    Posted .
  22. Hi! I can’t seem to find the Lego masks on the linked page. Is there an option or a code or something that needs to be entered. Please help! These are a must have a for a 7 year olds birthday party. :)

    Posted .
  23. Hi Brenda, there’s every chance the content on the Lego page has changed since this post was published. A quick Google search for lego minifigurines mask download might help you! ~LK

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