Five best baby showers


We’ve shown you our favourite birthday parties for kids. Now come and explore our best ever baby showers.

unisex baby shower

This rocking horse baby shower is very special for so many reasons, not the least because it was the very first shower to be featured on Babyology. Take another look and see why we loved it so.


The styling was truly beautiful, but it’s the story behind this particular elegant baby shower that puts it on my favourite list. It’s the celebration for a couple who feared babies were never to be part of their future. Wouldn’t you know it, soon after this party, they had twins!

pretty pink girl baby shower invitations

What kind of baby shower do you throw for a former ballerina? Why, a ballerina baby shower, of course. All pink, tulle and lace, it was the perfect shower theme to welcome a pink-cheeked baby girl.


Pink was also the order of the day for this delicately pretty bird-themed baby shower. Among the many handmade and heartfelt touches were these lovely wish lists, where guests could fill in the gaps to create their own personal wishes for the pending new arrival.


And finally, here’s the high tea baby shower held for Babyology’s very own head honcho, Mandi, shortly before the birth of her beautiful daughter, Audrey. Stylish, elegant  and classic to a tee, just like Mandi herself!

Do you have a beautiful baby shower to share? Then just fill in this form on our contact us page. While we can’t reply to every email, we’ll certainly let you know if your party is chosen to be showcased on Babyology. We can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to seeing your amazing baby showers!

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  1. Love all of these! Especially the photo of the long table with Roses in the vases hanging overhead. So beautiful :)

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