13 handmade Halloween finds from Etsy – sweet, spooky or downright scary

It’s that time of the year when things go bump in the night, and ghouls come out to play. While it’s largely a North American tradition, every year we see a few more little trick-or-treaters taking to the streets on 31 October.

To get you in the Halloween spirit, we’ve searched Etsy to find the best handmade Halloween decorations and costumes.


At Christmas a person might wear Santa earrings, at Easter, an Easter hat, and at Halloween, the much more subtle sterling silver bat earrings ($42) are just the thing to get in the spooky spirit.


Speaking of subtlety, you need to be a real film savant to realise what this is: a hand-felted matryoshka-style doll ($54.50) holding the human-eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors.


Why is it important to have your name on your Halloween bag ($4)? So that sneaky siblings (or more likely, hungry parents up late at night) won’t eat all of your hard-won loot.


Some people call on the neighbours to collect tons of treats (points for those who hand out full-sized chocolate bars), and others host a party at home. These bat straws ($8.50) will be perfect for your blood (orange) punch.


For more party decorations, we love these die-cut black paper bats ($6). Hang them from the ceiling to get caught in your guests’ hair, or stick them all over the windows so it looks like a cloud of the creepy creatures are flying straight for you.


Quoth the raven, nevermore will we live without these elegant, made-to-order raven skull candles ($7).


For a decoration kids will love to make (and probably claim for their own rooms), there’s a paper craft Halloween pack ($5): Borris the bat, Spooks the cat, and their trusty jack-o-lantern, Peter.


Made by a little studio in Sydney, these Day of the Dead skull coasters ($15) are just spooky enough for Halloween, and just trendy enough to leave out all year.


Some will tell you that if it’s not scream-worthy, it’s not Halloween-worthy, so to satisfy the purists, we’ve included a DIY zombie pun banner ($11).

Of course it’s not Halloween without costumes, and we’ve found some fab ones for kids.


The sounds of your little one roaring will echo down the street when she wears her lion costume ($117), and it’ll be a nice break from the legions of Elsas and Annas running around these days.

Red Poppy Photos by Stacy Thiot

Although most toddlers need no help being chubby, this Stay Puff Marshmallow costume ($78.71) has tummy padding for an extra-pillowy marshmallow. Don’t be fooled by his cute façade though. This guy is dangerous, smashing entire Lego cities built by older siblings in one fell swoop.


A lot of things about life with twins is really hard. But sometimes life throws you a bone, this time in the form of adorable twin sushi costumes ($95). The rice, the salmon, the spiky grass garnish and little headbands? We die.


Halloween might be a North American thing, but nothing makes it more Aussie than our home grown predator, the shark. Picture your child in this costume ($88), face smeared in chocolate. It’s enough to make you want to see what other North American traditions are worthy of bringing southern-hemisphere-side.

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