Scoot baby!

Roller Buggy scooter pram

This post comes with a warning. Babyology is in no way endorsing ditching the Bugaboo and test driving a scooter next time you need to dash to the shops.

Depending on which way you look at it, the Roller Buggy by Valentin Vodev transforms an ordinary pram into a scooter or a scooter into a pram. This clever convertible lets you take to the streets at a cracking pace but switch back to traditional pram mode once you hit a crowd.

Maybe it’s my in-built-parent-alert-system but whenever someone tells me repeatedly that something is perfectly safe for my child, I begin to get the feeling that perhaps it is not. Needless to say, the Roller Buggy does come with some safety stipulations – your passenger must be at least eighteen months old, always use the safety harness and don’t travel more than fifteen kilometres an hour. Other than that, the Roller Buggy apparently copes with any terrain and promises to speed up what used to be a stroll.

If your toddler has a need for speed, they will have to wait. The Roller Buggy is only a concept at this stage.

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Looking for a groovy set of wheels for your baby? Try out our Chooser which helps you compare prams on the market.

Convertible Roller Buggy

Roller Buggy as a scooter and a pram


  1. OMG. They sound like you can use the brakes to slow it down. That is great, but what if you fall off or let got accidentally? Who engages the brake? MOST NORMAL push buggies make you disengage the brake to push it so if you let to it won’t get away from you. If they did that with this design… well it does not take a rocket scientist to see that when the disk brake clamps down with nobody on it, the whole thing is going to flip forward and you are looking at baby’s first faceplant.
    Sometimes there is a reason that nobody has done something before.

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  2. If you’re worried about falling off this scooter, maybe you shouldn’t be having kids.

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  3. Please contact me on how to buy one

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  4. Kirsty you can email for more information on the Roller Buggy here : . Thanks! ~ LK

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  5. Wow I’ve been looking for this type of technology for years. It has to be motorized. Though. With controls at handle. I can sell thousands of this kind plz contact me thank. U

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