The safety video all kids will love and all parents and carers need to see

The Wiggles - Buckle Up

Did you know that around half of all parents and carers don’t use the most appropriate child restraint for their child’s age and size? And two out of three children aren’t correctly restrained?

Because of the incorrect use of child restraints recently, there have been NSW legislation changes made which aim to reduce the number of child passenger casualties.

Despite this, many parents and carers don’t realise that incorrect use of child restraints, even high quality restraints, increases the likelihood of children being killed or injured in a crash. When children are secured within appropriate and correctly used child restraints, they are less likely to be killed or seriously injured in a crash – a simple action that makes a huge difference.

Buckling your kids up correctly matters

An Australian study found no serious or fatal injuries among children restrained appropriately and correctly, while 30 per cent of incorrectly restrained children sustained serious or fatal injuries. This shows that the number of child passenger casualties in NSW could be greatly reduced if we concentrated on correctly using and fitting our children’s car seats.

With this in mind, Transport for NSW have teamed up with The Wiggles to raise awareness about the correct fitting technique for child car seats – because after all, our kids are counting on us to get this right.

By watching the video and learning the song with your kids, you can make sure that as a family you are safe every single time you are out in the car.

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