Kobi – the amazing new twin pram

Kobi stroller

You’re looking at the future of double prams. It’s beautiful, practical and features design innovations that are genius.

Remember when the first Phil & Ted’s ‘double-decker’ twin prams hit the streets? It was extraordinary and redefined the double pram – I expect the Kobi pram by Mima, a Spanish brand new to the baby and children’s market, will do the same.

First off, the Kobi looks stunning – sleek, smooth, beautifully simple and available in a range of colours that pop (it would be yellow for me). Then there are the design innovations – the Kobi features a patented ‘carrycot inside’ system. Essentially, the pram seats easily convert from a proper carrycot to a seat and back again. I’m impressed by the fact that there is a ‘double-decker’ twin pram finally on the market that includes a proper carrycot but wait, there’s more.

The Kobi seats simply zip open and inside is a frame with the carrycot attached. The carrycot pops out and is suitable for babies until approximately six to eight months of age. When you are finished using the carrycot, simply zip it away and convert it back to a standard seat – seriously amazing! There is no need for separate attachments.

The Kobi comes packed with practical features as well – forward and reverse facing seats, adjustable seat heights, three position seat recline, accessories including a canopy, footmuff, raincover and storage baskets with lids for a clean look plus the seats are compatible with many car seats.

Unfortunately, the Kobi isn’t on the market just yet. It is expected to be released in Europe within the next few months. Also on the way is the Xari, a single and more compact stroller that shares the same ‘carrycot inside’ system as the Kobi.

This pram might not be available locally, but you can compare the features of the ones which are available using our fantastic Chooser.

(via Gizmag)


  1. How can I get my hands on one of these!!!! Love it!

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  2. There are some European baby stores which ship overseas, but you’ll need to check back once the pram is released in a few months. :) It’s pretty gorgeous isn’t it?!

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  3. Wow, that’s cool. There’s NO WAY I’m having another kid… but its almost got me thinking of ways to fill the extra seat. Grocery carrier? Rental transportation?

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  4. when its released? and where are the european baby stores here in oz?

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  5. hi there im looking for te price for your kobi twin pram it is fantastic and im hoping to purchase one thanks

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  6. Hi leslie, it hasn’t been released yet – we’re waiting on launch news for Australia. In any case we won’t be selling them as we’re a blog. Hopefully there will be some news soon!

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  7. Hi there, i’ve seen a few stores in australia now offering pre-order,
    but am in a dilema… this or the baby jogger city select.

    need: to attach a capsule preferably the maxi cosi mico, as i still have a bugaboo bee which i can also use it on

    need: the know if the seats can BOTH be reversable to face me at the same time

    Need: to know if the seat at the bottom can sit upright or not quite…

    have been on the mima website, and it gives loads of pics, mostly a tad useless, only showing colour options etc and not listing what car seats are addaptable, only showing a pic of the adaptors…

    Any help would be great!!

    have until June to decide!!

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  8. Can you ship to south africa?

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  9. Also in South Africa. Like the pram and want to know were and how to order????

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