Great man bags – a dad bag roundup

A good dad bag is a very rare, specific thing indeed. It cannot, repeat, cannot look like a dad bag. It must be chic, understated in design if not colour and be able to carry all those baby essentials. To address this, we decided to do one of our roundups. Hang on!

First up is the All Kings Men Runway Model. Yes it’s technically a laptop bag but hey, it can still come out with dad and baby with a bunch of nappies and wipes inside!

dad bag

There’s nothing quite like a backpack for going hands-free with baby and we adore the Herschel Little America for $129 from Rushfaster.

It’s an oldie but a goodie – the Petunia Picklebottom Scout Journey is a long-time favourite at Babyology and we believe this design will continue to endure. And no he needn’t be concerned that the words Petunia Picklebottom will be emblazoned on the bag. There’s a very low-key and chic-looking Scout on the front panel.


The Storksak Jamie is so elegant I just had to buy it in black for my own husband and I still catch myself admiring it most days.

Eastpak Messenger bag for dads

We love the simplicity and price tag of the Eastpak Authentic Cleaver grey bag – there are other colours available for $149 at Rushfaster.

We rather love the matte messenger style of The Brixton from Ona for US$269 plus shipping. Doubling as a laptop and camera bag, we’ve just added a third use for it – dad bag.

It’s a neat Carhartt Messenger bag for $79 from Rushfaster.

This groovy kit dubbed the Fullmoon is from Gravy Bags and perfectly unisex for dad to take out and about, conducting nappy changes on the go.

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  1. This post had me thinking… my other half bought a Crumpler messenger bag for his SLR camera about 4 years ago. It has removable inserts and lots of pocket space. Looking at it now there’s plenty of room for bubs stuff and the big camera. Perfect dad bag in my opinion! Plus the site has lots of great other options that could easily be the “dad bag”.

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