Blunt Mini Umbrella – for the kids and the handbag!


One of my very favourite accessories has gone mini which is very handy because my children seem to have the inherent need to wield umbrellas in the most alarming fashion! Now I can breathe a sigh of relief because they can have one without everyone around them being at risk of an eye-poking injury.

Just what is it with children and umbrellas? Mine are like small terriers about them and whenever I get mine out they both want to claim it, grabbing the handle and even resorting to minor scuffles. Yes, it’s time they had their own and Blunt has come to every parent’s rescue with the divine Blunt Mini kids’ umbrellas. Want one for yourself? Just plonk it in the handbag!

It has been the wettest December in sixty years here in Sydney and not a day passes without my umbrella coming out. I’ll be express posting a few of these babies our way; they’re $89 each in a choice of black with pink, blue, yellow and black accents, from Blunt Umbrellas.

Check out our post about the large version here.

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  1. what is the closed length of this umbrella? i would expect it to be around 13″ so it can be kept in a rucksack or hand bag, however the picture indicates other wise.

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