Babyology Exclusive – Babyzen to launch in Australia!

recaro pram

We’ve had our eagle eye out for this pram for quite some time and now we can let you know that it will shortly be on its way to Australia! It rated more than just a mention in our coverage of last year’s Kind + Jugend trade show, winning the innovation award in the category of “World of moving baby”. Roger Armstrong will bring this compact but full-sized pram to our shores later this year or early the next under the name Babyzen. In Europe, it’s known as Recaro Babyzen.

Along with the pram, which has a warning light at the end of the footrest for those dusk strolls, a carrycot called the Yoga will be available. The Yoga can also be used as a baby bouncer and seat, with the release of legs on the underside and easily collapses into a laptop-sized case for transporting and storage.

Owners of small cars should listen up to this little tidbit; the Babyzen pram folds up to just a 25cm depth, so it will fit in the smallest hatches with ease. It folds and unfolds in just five seconds using just one hand and you don’t need to remove the seat at all. It also stands by itself when folded and can be rolled on its wheels to be moved, which means you’ll rarely need to lift it (it’s only 10kg though).

Melbournites will be able to see the Babyzen and Yoga this week at the Pregnancy Baby and Children’s Expo and Roger Armstrong will be seeking feedback so be sure to air your enthusiasm! We’ll let you know about pricing and availability once details are confirmed.

Watch this rather entrancing demo video of the pram, in which its elegance becomes really apparent. We love it!


  1. oo yes! I have spoken to people who are in charge of this pram and it is amazing!

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  2. any updates? i like the look of this pram alot :)

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  3. same i soooo want one :)

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  4. Any update when this will be released for sale in Aus?

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  5. when will the babyzen be releaseed in melbourne? where can i buy one?

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