Update – Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper bassinet now available to hire at Rock-A-Bye Baby

There’s no denying that setting up your home for your first baby is expensive. So many things you use for only a limited time in the grand scheme of things it makes sense to try and source them without buying them outright, which is why renting them is a perfect solution!

Rock-A-Bye Baby have all your baby needs covered right from the very start and now they have the ever handy Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper available for hire, an excellent bassinet option for when you come home from hospital. New parents quickly find that newborn babes are settled much easier when they’re close to their parents and the the Arm’s Co-Sleeper allows you to do just that, safely.

Designed to be set up against the side of your own bed, the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper allows you to settle your baby while remaining in separate sleeping spaces – making for much safer co-sleeping. The Co-Sleeper is suitable for babies aged up to five months old or when they start to get a bit clever by showing you they can push themselves up on hands and knees.

Don’t forget you can hire all the luxury and high-end brands at Rock-A-Bye Baby Equipment Hire, including Stokke, Maxi Cosi, and Leander.

Rock-A-Bye Baby hire price included the Co-Sleeper, waterproof mattress and custom fitted sheet set. Rock-A-Bye Baby also give you the option to purchase your own sheet set ($39.95) for use if you’d prefer. The minimum hire period is three days at a cost of $39 up to four months for the introductory hire cost of $139.


  1. Nadia Eldarrat Norrish – My wife and I are the Australian Distributors for Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper bassinets. The reason we took this on is because of our passionate belief (and first hand experience) in their benefits for new parents and their infants. These Co-Sleeper bassinets have been sold around the world for 15 years and there has NEVER been an incident of a child being injured in them. There were some 1997-2001 models that were recalled to improve the assembly instructions on them (which has occured). They meet the ASTM Bedside Sleeper standard (the only Bedside Sleeper Standard in the world). These are incredibly safe products that enhance a babies safety by allowing parents and infants to be within arms reach, while the infant sleeps safely on their own sleeping surface which helps parents and infants to get a better nights sleep.

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  2. I wish these were for hire in Brisbane!!!

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  3. Hi, I’m in Brisbane and came across this website, am interested and would like to know if hire is available in Brisbane.

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