The Love to INVENTA Sleep Bag – allowing parents to regulate their baby’s temperature

inventa The Love to INVENTA Sleep Bag   allowing parents to regulate their babys temperature

Beauty and brains – this sleeping bag has both.

My youngest son is a Houdini of sorts. He won’t stay under any form of blanket, sheet or cover. But at nineteen months, he still loves his sleeping bag – which has become his comforter. And he’s very happy to stay in it all night. Heading into summer, the lightweight sleeping bags will come out of storage. But of course, there’s the juggling act – just because the night starts off warm, it doesn’t mean the temperature won’t drop considerably. This very new and very clever addition to the sleeping bag family seems to have that concern covered, literally.

inventa3 The Love to INVENTA Sleep Bag   allowing parents to regulate their babys temperature

The Love to INVENTA Sleep Bag has been described as revolutionary, and a world first. And I must admit, I’ve never quite seen a concept like it in sleeping bags for babies. It has a unique Genius Cooling System – which allows parents to moderate their baby’s temperature without having to wake them.

It’s actually a rather simple concept – a zip on either side of the sleeping bag can be unzipped to reveal a breathable mesh ventilation. The bags are made from hypoallergenic bamboo lining to make them breathable and have great moisture control and temperature regulation.

inventa1 The Love to INVENTA Sleep Bag   allowing parents to regulate their babys temperature

The sleeping bags also have travel slots for five point harness access, and a system called Longa Shorta, which means the length of the bag can be adjusted.

The Love to INVENTA Sleep Bag is the third stage in the Love To Dream Sleep System – following on from the Love to Swaddle UP and the Love to Swaddle Up 50/50. Here are the available sizes and designs:

  •     0.5 tog (Balloon Design): 4-12 months : $69.95
  •     0.5 tog (Balloon Design): 12-36 months : $69.95
  •     1.0 tog (Owl Design): 4-12 months : $79.95
  •     1.0 tog (Owl Design): 12-36 months : $79.95
  • The Love to INVENTA Sleep Bags can be purchased directly from Love To Dream.


  1. I think is a great idea i think with the normal 0.5 tog can make during night but the zip is a winner when comes to the afternoon naps it’s so hot when my baby goes to sleep and I have to put her on the sleeping bag otherwise she tries to climb off the cot.

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  2. Does it have press studs at the top to seal it? For me, that’s te problem. My LO has found a way to get out of her sleeping bag by pushing her feet against the front until the poppers pop!

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  3. What if your child sleeps on their tummy – how do you unzip the vents?

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  4. I have to say – I just showed these to my husband and commented how awesome they would be – just like our summer motorcycle jackets (they have exactly the same kind of venting) – and he commented and they would probably be as useless as our motorcycle jackets when we were not moving! :-)

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  5. Hi there. I’m Sue from Love To Dream and I noticed a few questions about our new Sleep Bag. There are actually zip vents on both the front and back of the Sleep Bag, so if your baby is a tummy sleeper, the Genius Cooling System works just as well. The zip vents on the garment are placed across the body (back and front) which allows air to pass through the vents and allows you to control your baby’s body temperature by opening or closing the zips. For more info on the Love To INVENTA Sleep Bag, go to

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  6. Do you have ones with legs? My 16mth old much prefers legs in her sleep suit and most light tog suits are “bags” so I’m struggling to find quality light weight sleep suits with legs.

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