Sweet gingerbread man and paper doll bookshelves from Henrique Steyer


Just when you thought you’d seen every bookshelf imaginable, along come these spectacular creations, straight out of a childhood storybook.

From the mind of brilliant young Brazilian furniture designer Henrique Steyer come these amazing bookshelves, Nino, which are child-sized and playful enough for any kids’ space. They take their inspiration both from the gingerbread man and paper doll chains.


They are so beautifully made, in a variety of different finishes, from bright and bold, high gloss lacquer finishes to wood grain, with a back or without. And they’re available in both girl and boy form.


To enquire about purchasing a bookshelf, contact Henrique Steyer directly.

(via KidCrave)


  1. How much is the bookshelf? I’m expecting a baby in Feb. & I’m decorating in Hansel & Gretel the gingerbread boy would be perfect for the baby room. I love it.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thanks Again: Cherish Hooper

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  2. I can’t see the point of showing products on an Australian website that have no distribution channels in Australia !
    Why don’t you report on products we can actually buy?

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  3. Hi Cherish, you need to contact Henrique Steyer directly for information on the bookcase! Thanks ~ LK

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  4. Thanks for your comment, with all due respect we feature products from all over the world as we have readers from all over the world. I’m sorry you feel there is no point to showing products that aren’t readily available in Australia, but many of us feel differently – it’s always quite interesting to see what is ‘out there’ in the market – regardless to whether we can easily access it or not. Often with the use of a re-shipper or simply working with the overseas stockist, delivery can be arranged to Australia. Thanks ~ LK

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  5. The bookshelf is amazing! very innovative and cute, great to see new things.

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  6. I don’t mind seeing products from around the world but the wholesale cost of this is about $5000 – crazy. Retail is usually 30-50% higher so whilst very cute, not accessible to any ordinary family in Aus or abroad.

    Keep up the ‘sourcing’ from around the world though – I think it’s interesting to see products from other countries and to broaden our horizons in Aus. :)

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