Show us your nursery – Polly’s perfect haven

polly 2 Show us your nursery   Pollys perfect haven

We’re beyond excited about publishing our inaugural Show us your nursery post. Our brand new section is kicking off with a very stylish bang as we show you Polly’s perfect haven! This serene and pretty room is inhabited by Polly, the gorgeous baby daughter of Kristy, who owns Incy Interiors. Thus the room started off with a pedigree unlike any other, with the decorating talents of Kristy behind it and a wealth of stylish products to choose from.

polly 6 Show us your nursery   Pollys perfect haven

Polly’s nursery wasn’t complete until she was two months old, despite the ideas for it being hatched the minute Kristy knew she was pregnant. With her heart set on the Jemima cot and Scarlet change table, Kristy was hit with a flurry of orders which had to be filled before Polly could have hers. Such is life when you’re a business owner!

polly 8 Show us your nursery   Pollys perfect haven

polly 9 Show us your nursery   Pollys perfect haven

We just bet you need to know where all of the products can be purchased so you can apply them to your own divine spaces, so here’s a summary (we’ll be providing these with each of our nursery posts):

polly 10 Show us your nursery   Pollys perfect haven

polly 3 Show us your nursery   Pollys perfect haven

What a delightful little baby Polly is and we just love her serene lilac nursery with all its girly touches. Thanks to Kristy from Incy Interiors for submitting to be our very first Show us your nursery post – there are so many more to come and we just can’t wait to share them with you!

(Photography by Jennifer Stock)

polly 7 Show us your nursery   Pollys perfect haven


  1. Could you kindly ask where Polly got her lovely flower headband as well please? Thanks ladies, love ur work!

    Posted .
  2. Gorgeous , makes me want to have babies all over again!

    Posted .
  3. Looooove that rug. Do they come in other colours? Where do I get one for me!!!

    Posted .
  4. It’s gorgeous isn’t it Jenny! Just click on the stockist info link down the bottom of the post for more details, thanks!

    Posted .
  5. Beautiful room!
    I ordered the same rug last week for my bubs room, can’t wait to see it in our space. Should be the icing on the cake, so to speak :-)

    Posted .
  6. Love love love her chubba leggies, too cute xxx

    Posted .
  7. What a gorgeous combination of colours for a gorgeous girl ! Love that yellow chair from incy interiors!

    Posted .

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