Show us your nursery – Kirby’s perfect place

kirby room 20 Show us your nursery   Kirbys perfect place

Babyologists, you are in for a treat. We’ve had some stunning rooms in our Show us your nursery feature, and the bar is about to be set even higher. Today we’ll take you through the first of a trio of amazing abodes, inhabited by siblings.

This little haven is the nursery of two-year-old Kirby. Mum Kelly is the talent behind her children’s beautiful rooms, and here’s her inspiration behind her son’s space:

I have found Pinterest to be a magical source of inspiration when it comes to planning and decorating rooms. I also have a few baby designers and interior designers that I follow as I love seeing their mood boards for clients on Facebook and blogs.

I came across the chevron wall on Pinterest and it was exactly what I wanted. Something that would grow with Kirby, be not too baby and not too grown up and serious.  The only trouble was I couldn’t source the wallpaper. The Wall Sticker Company came to my rescue and did a custom designed wall paper for me. They liked the pictures so much I sent them, they have made it a standard line!

kirby room 6 Show us your nursery   Kirbys perfect place

The furniture belonged to Kirby’s older sister Cleo, and has stood the test of time in both the wear and tear and design departments.

kirbycube Show us your nursery   Kirbys perfect place

Kelly has a knack for mixing high-end designer pieces with budget-conscious items from shops like Ikea, and making the transition seamless.

kirby room 5 Show us your nursery   Kirbys perfect place

One of the statement pieces in the room is this ravishing deer head from Ballyhoo Art in Geelong, adorned with felt balls from the same store.

kirby room 21 Show us your nursery   Kirbys perfect place

The frames from Ikea include a quote made by one of Kelly’s friends, and prints sourced from Etsy and Goose in East Geelong.

kirby room 4 Show us your nursery   Kirbys perfect place

Kelly is already planning the next stage of Kirby’s room, when he moves from the cot to a big bed, and she’s eyeing off Oeuf bunks, which would suit the rooms aesthetic perfectly.

kirby Show us your nursery   Kirbys perfect place

If you think Kirby’s little corner is fabulous, wait till we show you the rooms occupied by his two older sisters! Stay tuned.

Here’s a list of stockist for some of the amazing finds in Kirby’s nursery:

Photos by Sara Taylor Photography


  1. So divine Kelly! Congratulations on creating a beautiful nursery and for winning The Wall Sticker Company’s Room of the Year! We think Kirby’s rooms is bright and happy, and we can see how it will grow with him.

    We love it that we could help make your wallpaper dreams come true, and thanks for letting us offer your wallpaper design idea in our range.

  2. What colour are your walls?

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