Show us your nursery – Harlow’s cute quarters

We have another delightful room to show you in our ever-popular Show us your nursery series!

This lovely space belongs to a wee girl called Harlow who is now just over a year old. The room has gone from being a nursery for a tiny baby, to recently being updated for a growing toddler. Colour, shapes and textures contribute to the success of the room, says mum Rebecca, who further describes the process:

My house is decorated around mid-century modern furniture and themes which I also tried to carry through into Harlow’s nursery where possible. The cot is a 50s design as well as the RAR Eames rocker. The rest of the room is more modern and are all pieces that I found and just loved – nothing too “baby-inspired” – I didn’t want any teddy bears or animals on the walls!

I shopped for absolutely everything online and the cradle that houses Harlows shoes and toys was used until she was four months old. Previous to that it was mine thirty-three years ago. My mum kept it all of this time for me and then sanded it back and painted it white when I was first expecting. It felt so special to put Harlow in it.


The updated room is influenced by fond memories of creative play and wanting Harlow to find her own magic in imagination. I love using more natural products like the cardboard shop and all of the wooden treats. A lot of the items stayed after the update; as I didn’t choose anything too babyish, most of the items can be carried through all of the rooms that Harlow will enjoy as she grows up.

If I had to give one answer for the thought behind decorating Harlow’s room, it would be that I just create the space that I think I would have loved when I was little!

Here’s the amazing product list – what a lovingly-crafted space this is!



  1. I love Harlow’s nursery. Where did you buy the market garden stand from?

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  2. What a lovely room. I love the “Hold Me Closer” Posters, when I clicked on the link they were not there. I was wondering if this is the right link or if they are no longer available.

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  3. Hi Michelle, I am not sure where they bought the Honeybake stall from. Bonza Brats sell it with 3 stores in Sydney and online here: Hope that helps.

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  4. I suggest contacting Blacklist to find out if the Hold Me Closer print will be back in stock any time soon :). ~LK

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