Show us your nursery – Cleo’s bright and airy bedroom

cleo room 1 Show us your nursery   Cleos bright and airy bedroom

Step into this charming room, harbouring loving personal touches, and an incredible amount of flair. We recently showed you the fabulous nursery of two-year-old Kirby. Here is his three-year-old sister Cleo’s equally stunning space.

cleo room 12 Show us your nursery   Cleos bright and airy bedroom

Mum Kelly says Cleo had been a nomad during her little life, starting out with her own room, then sharing with her sister Lexi when the family moved house. Now that the family is in a new house, the girls again have their own rooms, but Cleo still has two beds, so her sister can join her for a sleepover any time!

cleo room 9 Show us your nursery   Cleos bright and airy bedroom

Kelly’s love for the work of Meredith Gaston is one of the driving forces behind Cleo’s room:

Before Cleo was born I asked Meredith to do a series for me based on our lives so far. I gave her key milestones and she worked her magic, added quotes she had found and brought our lives to life. I treasure these works and how personal they are. It is something that Cleo will have forever and I hope one day they are in her daughter’s room. Cleo also has a giant Meredith custom sticker. She loved the boats that Meredith does when we sat down and looked at her works so we asked for the three kids and two dogs all to be on the boat. They love looking at who is doing what and the detail of the boat is amazing.

cleo room 3 Show us your nursery   Cleos bright and airy bedroom

Kelly did plenty of research into finding the perfect beds for Cleo’s room, even conducting a straw poll at work to see which of her final choices was most popular. In the end she went for an understated option, sourced from Urban Empire.

cleo Show us your nursery   Cleos bright and airy bedroom

Here’s where you can find some of the items that make up this stunning bedroom:

We’ll show you Cleo’s big sister’s divine room soon.


  1. Simply stunning and every little girl would love this room

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  2. wow what a beautiful room.

    Posted .
  3. I have room envy! So beautiful that everyone can enjoy it, even mum.

    Posted .
  4. Just beautiful. I love Meredith’s work too. How did you get the big artwork on the wall? Is it a mural or a wall sticker??

    Posted .
  5. What lovely room! The bed is exactly what I have been searching for my daughter!! The link to the ‘urban empire’ website returns an error, and I have difficulty locating the website for this company. Can you provide other contact details about this company? Many thanks!!

    Posted .
  6. That is odd indeed Hilly! I unfortunately don’t know any other way of contacting this company – but the bedheads are very similar to those available at Peoni Home, who happily create bespoke upholstered bedheads. You can check them out here:

    Posted .
  7. Hi Hilly.

    You can now get the bed from

    Melanie, when I got Meredith to do the pieces I asked if I could blow them up. I had a local sign maker do a giant sticker for me. The Wall Sticker Company do custom work too if that’s easier.

    Thanks for the lovely comments

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  8. Adorable! What lucky girls to have such a pretty room.

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