Noon Soft Space – Swiss nursery delights

noon1 Noon Soft Space   Swiss nursery delights

Bold geometrics are big in this home, so it’s little wonder the goodies from Noon Softspace have struck a chord. The philosophy behind this Swiss brand is to look at everyday objects with new eyes, making them softer and more accessible for little ones.

Pocket curtains are such a great idea. Toddlers can relish their favourite activity of hiding things and finding them again. Baby can benefit when you arrange his toys to be peeking out! Finally, the curtains will just be a great spot for ridding the floor of clutter. Storage in the curtains is genius!

Also in the range are some adorable clutch toys, a handy long pillow to stabilise baby on the change table, floor or bed, and my personal favourite, the Pic Pocket. The Pic Pocket is a handy organiser for baby’s change table needs that can be personalised with baby’s name in delightful wooden letters, free of charge.

We love the idea of making an infant’s room soft and welcoming in unexpected ways. See all the beautiful products at Noon Softspace – prices range from €13 to €130 for the Pic Pocket.

noon2 Noon Soft Space   Swiss nursery delights

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