Nook Sleep Systems – the Pebble Mattress and sleep accessories

The science of sleep has become a whole lot more high-tech in recent years with a focus on latex and the use of more natural fibres for beds and bedding. New babies are particularly sensitive to their sleep environments so that’s why the Pebble Mattress has been created.

Pebble is not just a pretty face – it’s a highly engineered marvel of a mattress designed to promote airflow and comfort. It has a latex core to allow air to pass through, as well as an organic wool layer for coolness when it counts and warmth when it’s chilly.

The organic cotton and eucalyptus cover is infused with zinc so moisture is drawn away from your baby and temperature is regulated. We love the pebbled texture of the cover. It’s such a beautiful and logical way of maximising air circulation, it seems a pity to cover it up with a sheet… however the sheets are pretty lovely!

Indulge in the whole system with the Pebble Wrap, fitted sheets, sleep bag, blanket and toddler pillow. Cocoon your baby in the most comforting, least toxic sleep system! The mattress is US$610, from Nook Sleep Systems.


  1. I would love to purchase this mattress but nowhere delivers it to Australia and cannot find it on any Australian websites. Very frustrating!!

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  2. Nook products are now available in Australia – including the Pebble Pure Mattress. Get in touch with me at and I can let you know the stockists.

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