Introducing the Kalon Studios Caravan Divan

Kalon Studios Divan

So I have some serious envy going on right now. Knowing Mandi has the very beautiful, very stylish Kalon Studios Caravan Crib, she can now have the amazing Kalon Studios Divan once baby Audrey needs a toddler bed.

Don’t have the cot but desperately want that lovely, retro-styled divan? No problem… both the conversion kit to turn the cot into a divan or the divan on its own are available, and will last children to sleep in until approximately six years of age (or about 23kg). After that, use it as a cosy reading nook, couch, a spot to hide, play and rest, all while meticulously maintaining the beautifully-curated look of your home.

If you committed to one of the colours for the cot, then you can go for a different colour for the divan, with the handy conversion kit available in six of the Caravan colours. You can also assemble it without the side panel for more of a big bed feel.

No word yet on whether this brand new Kalon Studios product will be coming to Australia but we’ll keep you posted when and if they do!

Divan for kids couch reading nook

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