Hop on Pop – cork dinosaur chair


His name is Pop, and he is one of the most interesting kid’s design products I’ve seen in a while.

Pop is a stylised, dinosaur shaped chair made from clustered unfettered cork. He is designed and manufactured by the French company, La Maison de Lena. This company’s mission is to give new life to traditional French crafts. In the past, they have worked with ratton in Normandie. Pop and his cork come from south west France.

I imagine that for Pop’s young owners, sitting on a chair becomes a great deal more – a Jurassic safari, perhaps, or an occasion for animal companionship. He is useful too – to keep things tidy, Pop can hold a book in his mouth.

I love the mixture of modern lines, traditional materials and prehistoric subject matter in this piece. It’s the kind of statement I enjoy in furniture design.

Pop is another great product available from Little Fashion Gallery. He costs €220.

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