Harvest Textiles – homegrown talent in artistic soft furnishings

I had the pleasure of visiting the Harvest Textiles team in Melbourne recently and Lara showed me around the workroom which was brimming with creative talent. Evidence of workshops and artistic installations, plus a beautifully curated boutique for its stunning soft furnishings makes the Harvest Textiles experience a special one.

I couldn’t help but bring home a Totem Collection bed set for my eldest son and he simply refuses to let me rotate his bedding now. I have to take it off while he’s at school to wash it – the fuss created is too much otherwise!

These are handmade things of beauty, expertly hand screen printed fabrics, imaginatively combined prints with stunning colour impact. The Harvest style is to have a nice neutral backdrop for a gorgeously textured print in a bold colour. The team encourages you to get creative – selling kits from the store for you to put together your own cloud cushion, regular cushion or tote bag, they also cater for the time poor or creatively challenged by selling the completed product.

If you live in Melbourne or are visiting, there are some amazing workshops to take part in – learn how to screen print, make baskets or porcelain jewellery. This artistic hub of productivity is destined for great things, we are most certain. Calm and welcoming, the team will soothe even the most frazzled would-be-artist like me… otherwise order the impeccable and inspired products online and pop a workshop on your bucket list!

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