Eat your greens (& hang them) with Baby Greens prints

Gardening enthusiasts get ready to sow some nursery decorating seeds – you can now hang baby beets and prickly pears in your very own sweet pea’s nursery!

Etsy treasure Baby Greens celebrates the humble vegetable by turning them into cute nursery art prints.

Choose from an array of prints including prickly pears, tea olive trees, baby carrots, baby beets and sweet peas to name a few. Each print has a small verse which is just as cute as the image itself – the Baby Beets print reads “You baby beets with faces red, seem oh so beat, so off to bed.”, I promise you won’t look at a beetroot in the same way again!

Baby Greens prints measure 21x27cms and would be beautiful hung as a group of your favourite vegetables. One thing’s for sure, this art work won’t go unnoticed – someone will be sure to ask why baby spinach on the wall, and the answer is easy – greens are good for you!

See all that’s in the plant nursery, with prices starting at $10.20, at Baby Greens.

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  1. Very cute idea!

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