BabyBjorn Cradle Harmony a beautifully modern bassinet

BabyBjorn bassinet

Hospital bassinets, with their transparent sides that make it easy to see every newborn nuance, are terribly practical. Trouble is, they’re terribly ugly as well. So imagine, if you will, a bassinet that allows you to look in at your baby through its transparent sides while still adding a certain panache to the room. That’s the BabyBjorn Cradle Harmony.

BabyBjorn have won me with the good looks and practicality of their new release Cradle Harmony. It’s important to me to have my daughter (pictured above sleeping soundly in her new BabyBjorn Cradle Harmony)  close at hand through the night, and I love that I can keep a watchful eye on her even while lying down in bed. The low height and transparent mesh fabric means there’s no need to clamber out from under the covers to peer in over the top of her cradle for every newborn snuffle or noise (and don’t they make plenty of those!).

It’s easy too to reach out and pick her up, or give the cradle a gentle rock to help settle and soothe her after a night feed so that we’re all asleep again with little fuss. When it comes to life with a newborn, anything that makes those night feeds easier is worth its weight in gold! The Cradle Harmony will also rock gently in response to baby’s own movements, helping them to self-settle as they grow and as the weeks pass.

BabyBjorn bassinet with canopy

I also like how the mesh is breathable so I don’t have to worry about my precious baby’s face being pressed against a thick fabric as she sleeps, as you might find in more traditional bassinets. And coming in to an Aussie summer, air flow is a must.

You can get a canopy for the Cradle Harmony too if you like. We have one (pictured above) and I love how it diffuses the light falling on my Audrey so it’s less likely to disturb, whether from the sun as we both snatch an impromptu daytime nap or from the glow of a bedside lamp at night.

The BabyBjorn Cradle Harmony is suitable for newborns and babies up to six months old. It retails for $420 and the canopy costs an extra $79.95. Right now, Urban Baby stocks the BabyBjorn Harmony for only $395 and ships all over Australia and Internationally.

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  1. This just got me so excited! A shame it’s a bit out of budget, but hoping to re evaluate the budget to squeeze it in!! So beautiful and fresh and breathable and safe and just awesome! Thanks for this post!!

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