Show us your nursery – Audrey’s Montessori-inspired room


Here’s a delightful corner of the world, which belongs to eighteen-month-old Audrey. Her room has been created around the guiding principals of Montessori. If you’re a Montessori mum, or interesting in this method of educating children through independence, you’ll love this space. And even if you’re not, Audrey’s room is just as beautiful.


For those unfamiliar with Montessori, the premise is about giving a child independence and freedom (within limits) – and while they’re quite young this can be as simple as designing their room from a child’s perspective, and letting them be part of the design process. Audrey’s mum, Brigette-Renee, explains how her daughter’s room evolved:

When I first started designing the space, I knew I wanted it to work around the Montessori philosophies of following the child and fostering independence.  We have worked this in by making everything accessible to her. The bed is low and has no rail so she can move as she pleases, books are kept in a wooden box for her to choose from, with a pile of cushions for her to read on, and being a child’s space, all the artwork has been hung at child’s height so she can enjoy them.

From the beginning I’ve encouraged Audrey to have a say in how her room looks, she has chosen the fabrics for her quilt and the placement of most furniture. I’ve tried to keep her bedroom as environmentally friendly as possible, opting for mostly handmade or second-hand, a lot of things are from op-shops, sourced from used websites, or ex-display from my old work. The result has been a beautifully calm, and unique space my daughter loves spending time in.


Audrey’s bedroom is a soothing place for the toddler to explore her world. It’s also bright and fun, and a great example of how upcycling, reusing and rethinking objects can make for a cosy, calm space.


Although most of the beautiful things that adorn Audrey’s space are second-hand, here’s a guide to where you can source similar items:



  1. I’m a Montessori mum and adore this room! I love the idea of hanging art at toddler height!

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  2. What a gorgeous room. I love the simplicity. Great idea to place books in a wooden box,easy for a child to grab & read. I also adore Audrey’s name bunting created from flash cards.Very clever ideas.x

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  3. Audrey is my granddaughter, and she is becoming an exquisitly inquisitive young lady with an adventurous personality. I worked on the same principle while raising her mum ans her siblings and I can vouch that including a child in the design of there room may not always make sense in our eyes, it is their space and should reflect their needs and personality at any given stage of their lives.

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