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Well lookie here! I’m a certifiable Facebook addict and there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of hitting that ‘Like’ button or passing on a groovy find to a friend. Now it’s as easy as blinking with our brand new ‘Like’ and ‘Send’ buttons!

You’ll find them at the end of each post after you’ve read the text and gawked at the stunning pictures, and you’ll also find them on the Babyology home page under each abbreviated post:

We love to share and we know you do too so we’ve made it that much easier to infect your friends with the Babyology bug and show off your design clout when it comes to all things hip for babies and kids!

Head on over to Babyology and have a play around with the new buttons – it’s my brand new addiction. Clicking the ‘Like’ button will add the article to your personal feed for all your friends to see, while the ‘Send’ button lets you be more selective and choose who to send it too. I just sent the Babyology Explores Japan article to my husband as a not so subtle hint for our next destination of choice. Enjoy and of course, don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on our fab Babyology Facebook page!

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