Croatian court keeps vaccination mandatory

vaccination Croatian court keeps vaccination mandatory

The Croatian Constitutional Court has rejected a proposal to review the country’s mandatory vaccination laws, saying that “The child’s right to health is more important than the rights of parents to make (wrong) choices. ”

Croatian parents can be fined for not vaccinating their children. In 2013, 143 elected to do so. The tough laws are an attempt to halt the slump in vaccination rates across Europe and avoid situations like the measles outbreak in New York.

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  1. The measles outbreak in New York was on the vaccinated, not unvaccinated! No amount of mercury is safe to put in your body…none.

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  2. See this is where listening to the propaganda anti vaccination sites gets you into trouble Rae, you need to research both sides. There are only 2 vaccines available in Australia that contain (a reduced amount from previously used) mercury and they are only used in ADULTS! 1 is for Q fever and the other is Japanese encephalitis.

    Thiomersal was routinely used in vaccines last century but was removed from ALL childhood vaccines in 2000! Do your research and don’t just believe everything you read from the AVN, not everything is a conspiracy.

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  3. Aside from what Vicki said about no childhood vaccines here containing mercury, no vaccine will give you complete immunity – but it does raise your threshold of resistance, which makes it much harder to contract, and therefore stops the spread of the virus. You can’t catch something you don’t come into contact with – which is why herd immunity, rather than the immunity of a few, is so important. Not to mention protecting those whose immune systems are not strong enough for immunisation.

    Also, if “No amount of mercury is safe to put in your body…none.” does this mean you never eat fish? Or any other foods that often contain small traces? Better watch out for anything containing artificial sweeteners (high fructose corn syrup) then, too.

    A little realism and research goes a long way.

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