Babyology interviews CEO and Co-founder of Orbit Baby

orbit2 Babyology interviews CEO and Co founder of Orbit Baby

launched some new organic accessories at the ABC show last week and also the
concept G2 pram in red. This is the beauty that we should be seeing in
Australia in 2010. I was able to catch up with Joseph Hei, CEO and
co-founder of Orbit, to find out the exact details and get a first-hand
demo of this stunning pram.

Once Joseph was done with the demo, I was ready to have a third baby to test out this stroller.


  1. Hi
    The owner of the orbit is saying they are coming in to Australia. Do you know when?

    Posted .
  2. I want to know too.My baby is due in September and i was set on Maclaren.Now i want to fine out the ins and outs of orbit stuff to see if that is more convenient for me.

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  3. It has been delayed and when I last spoke with them, they said later in 2010. We’ll keep you posted as many people are eagerly awaiting this pram!

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  4. Hello, any word yet on when it comes down to OZ, we have searched high and low for the perfect one and the Orbit seems to have everything we need. Im due in november, any chance of me waiting??

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  5. I am afraid not. The latest release date is 2011 and they still are not sure of an exact date but have told me the Orbit Baby Stroller G2 and Orbit Baby Bassinet Cradle G2 will be the first products to be available in Australia.

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  6. Hi
    Any news on what date in 2011 they will be releasing? I am due in January and not sure if I should hold off…

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  7. Hi,
    is there any chance we can buy Orbit Stroller G2 online and ship to Sydney ?

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  8. Agyta you will need to contact a baby store about this :) Hope you can get one – I”d fall over if I saw one here!

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  9. any updates from them regarding a release date here in Australia for their travel system??? We are now in 2012….. just wondering if this is in fact something they are working on or if it has been put on the back burner?

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  10. I am anxious for this, any release date for Australia yet?

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