Wally Ruler – the practical height chart that’s big on style

Wally Ruler 2 web Wally Ruler   the practical height chart thats big on style

Imagine you’ve spent years marking your children’s height on the door frame and you’re now moving house. Do you a) try to take the door jam with you or b) mourn the loss of all those milestone pencil etchings? Inevitably it will likely be the second option –  a situation my family faced last year when we moved out of our family home . If only we’d had a Wally Ruler!

Leonie Evans has created a magnificent family height chart ruler named after Leonie’s Dad Wally who, before her childhood home was to be demolished, tried to salvage a door jamb which recorded family members (and pets!) heights.

wally ruler close up Wally Ruler   the practical height chart thats big on style

The Wally Ruler is of clever design, beautifully crafted from birch plywood and laminate. Its portability and ease of storing is fantastic, thanks to the emulated carpenter’s ruler design, though I do think it’s far too nice to be stored out of sight.

I love the suggestion to make the Wally Ruler a unique christening or birth gift. Indeed, it would become a family keepsake cherished for a very, very long time and the best bit of all is that no matter where time takes the family, they can always take their Wally Ruler!

Wally Ruler is priced $179 and available from Top 3 By Design.

wally ruler 1 Wally Ruler   the practical height chart thats big on style


  1. Love it! Jamie n I were just talking about one last night. I’ll add it to my budget for next month xxx

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  2. I love this! Will definitely be buying it if we have another child.
    About a year ago, I painted the inside of our back door (faces into our kitchen / living area) with blackboard paint. It is probably me who gets the most enjoyment of it, but it is really useful to measure my daughter. I stand her up against it, draw a line, measure it, write height and date, then take a photograph of her against the door. It is a great way to keep track of these things.

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  3. I love mine! We recently had our interiors painted, luckily I saw this beforehand & was able to transfer all our precious markings from the door jamb onto the Wally Ruler. It looks great in the kids’ room too :-)

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