Top five posts for January 2013

Can you believe the first month of this year is already over and the kids are back at school? Time is most surely speeding up somehow! Here’s our top-ranking posts for January 2013.

Top of the list, the Breastvest ignited you interest – nothing like a great tummy coverup while breastfeeding baby!

Stunning cubbies always go down a treat here on Babyology and these from Home Sweet Cubby were no exception.

Kirby’s chevron masterpiece of a nursery was a hit with readers in our Show us your nursery section.

Feeding baby on the run without wasting packaging is a priority for Babyologists – our Squooshi reusable baby food pouches editorial ranked fourth most popular.

You also loved the Cocoonababy sleep nest, which can be placed in a cot while baby is still very little, for that cocooning sensation.


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