The world’s tallest water slide – the Verrückt – and it’s not for the fainthearted!

verruckt water slide The worlds tallest water slide   the Verrückt   and its not for the fainthearted! Adrenaline junkies rejoice, the Verrückt is one water slide destined to set hearts racing!

Still in construction but due to open this year at the Schlitterbarn water park in Kansas City, the world’s tallest (and fastest) water slide – aptly named the Verrückt – meaning crazy or mad in German – will have thrillseekers lining up for their turn at what resembles the water equivalent of an ice luge track.

Just seconds into viewing the video below, I had only one eye open and a lump in my throat. When I learnt the slide is taller than Niagara Falls, it confirmed my suspicion that only those without a fear of heights or speed need line up for a ticket. Though specifics of the Verrückt won’t be revealed until its opening day, you can be guaranteed that I won’t be climbing any of the two-hundred-and-sixty-four steps that take you to the top – but I’ll gladly hold your towel for you at the bottom!

What do you think, Babyologists? Are you game to take on the Verrückt water slide?


  1. Adding to my bucket list :)

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  2. Wedgeeeeeeeeeee

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  3. Seems like a long stair climb to get to the top #needsanelevator

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