The Scale of the Universe is mind-blowing

scale11 The Scale of the Universe is mind blowing

We’ve stumbled across an amazing website here at Babyology that we just had to share. A word of warning though – get comfortable because it’s compulsive viewing, even for the non-scientists among us.

One of the things the internet does so well is provide creative people with the opportunity to share information in so many new ways. Twin brothers Cary and Michael Huang have created an interactive website called The Scale of the Universe 2 (there was an earlier edition as well) which manages to convey in a very compelling way the relative size of everything around us, whether you can see it or not.

Is the scale of the universe actually incomprehensible? Perhaps, but this website will definitely make it a bit easier. You can certainly show it to kids who are interested in science and maths and space, we think you should show it to just about everyone you know! Now here’s the next mind-blowing part – Cary and Michael Huang, the twins who created the site, are only fourteen years old. This all makes me need to sit down for a while with a cup of tea, and practise the new word I’ve learned: yoctometer.

scale2 The Scale of the Universe is mind blowing

Just for fun, and while we’re all busy thinking big thoughts about the universe, we’ll leave you with some vintage Carl Sagan to enjoy. Now, where’s my cup of tea?

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