The Bean People – Bringing magic to the bathtub


Babyology discovered The Bean People when our own Mandi had some brought over from family in South Africa for her two littlies. They were a huge hit in her house and we couldn’t help but share them with all of you. The Bean People make Bath Beans, tiny sponge-filled capsules that reveal their magic when placed in warm water. The beans unfold spontaneously to reveal shapes ranging from African safari animals to fairies to sea creatures.

Funnily enough, I actually had these sprouting capsules when I was young. I remember them so clearly and watching them open up like magical creatures was fantastic fun. I haven’t seen them in years and am thrilled to discover they are still available so my daughter can experience the joy and amazement they bring to bathtime.

Each Bath Bean contains between one and three sponge characters and your little ones can also stick them to the tiles, creating a delightful, colourful environment during their bath. To buy some of these amazing Bath Beans for bathtime in your house, head to 3 Wise Monkeys,  the exclusive distributor and seller of The Bean People Bath Beans in Australia and New Zealand. Prices start at NZ$3.50 plus shipping.


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  1. Do you supply the magic beans for the bath?

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