Ikea Australia says we need to play more

Ikea Playreport

In June this year we reported on Ikea’s global survey on play. More than eleven thousand interviews were conducted in twenty-five countries about children’s background and development to the importance of play. The findings were surprising, inspiring and somewhat worrying. Notably, many parents feel that they don’t have time to play with their children and have even ‘forgotten how to play’. Happily, a vast majority of children would rather play with their parents than watch television.

Ikea Australia has just released the findings on how Australian parents and kids feel about the world today and the effects of play on family life. Key results of Australia’s Playreport include:

• A huge ninety-three per cent of Australian children prefer playing with their friends and parents than watching television (compared to the global result of seventy-three per cent)

• Almost half  of parents feel that they don’t have enough time to play with their children

• Three out of four parents feel they should be doing more to encourage creativity in the home

• Above all, parents want their children to be happy: Seventy per cent select happiness as the single most important wish for their children, with the rest choosing being thoughtful of others, financial success, academic achievement and having a family of their own

• A third of parents surveyed were unhappy with technology as an entertainment form

• More than half of Aussie parents say that they often feel guilty that they are not spending enough time with their kids

• Most Aussie parents would like more time to just ‘chill out’ with their children

• The cult of Masterchef seems to have influenced kids more than parents, with two-thirds of children surveyed saying they’d like to spend more time baking in the kitchen with mum and dad, whilst only half of parents see cooking or baking as good for creativity.

ikea playreport

Inspired by the research drawn from the Playreport, IKEA has released a free iPhone app to tackle parents’ concerns about a lack of ideas for interaction and game-play with their children. The app, called ‘Lekar‘ (meaning games in Swedish) contains games that involve a parent and one child or more. Activities are based on popular children’s games around the world including Charades, Statue Dance and Bird, Fish or In-Between, an iPhone hide-and-seek game. Like everything Ikea does, the graphics and presentation of this app are exceptional.

Find out more about Playreport here.

Ikea playreport


  1. Is it just me or is it a little bit scary that a mass-retailer is conducting this type of research? Amazing how they managed to have an app ready just at the time of announcing the research findings. What a clever way to convert all that media awareness into a way to get their brand further into our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I actually respect their smarts but it is also kind of omnipotent…

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  2. I’m glad IKEA continues to do good research about consumer needs. Most people just don’t realize that research, that is, feedback from real people, is how companies come up with the ideas they do. Kudos to IKEA for spending money on research that results in giving away a valued product for free rather than making us pay for it.

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