Spoonflower – design your own fabric


Crafty and artistic types can indulge the once far-off fantasy of creating a unique fabric. Spoonflower
invites budding fabric designers, or just those who
wish to indulge a whim, in making a one of a kind fabric to use for clothing and other handmade goods. Simply create your design,
upload to Spoonflower, and order your fabric by the yard. You can make
the design public if you choose, or leave it
private, just for you!

There are some amazing fabrics created on Spoonflower and the ones
showcased on the home page look as high-end as any super-expensive
designer work. The idea that the crafter can take part in every step of
the creation process is growing as technology reaches a stage
where incredible results are published and printed more easily. How
wonderful it would be to make a piece yourself, right down to the
fabric print. It’s done with 100 per cent cotton ‘Moda’ quilting fabric so you
know it will stand up to wear.

From US$18 a yard – amazingly there are no set up costs and you can
order $5 custom swatches to be sure it’s the right design. Awesome
idea! They have excellent uses for toys and baby and kiddy
gear, so get to it and do something you never thought you would at

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  1. Hi, ever come across an Australian site of similar? This idea is amazing!

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