Show your love with Lego

Lego bracelets

When kids say they love you as much as Lego, you know it’s serious.

Originally developed as a Valentine’s Day gift by blogger Tonya Staab, these funky Lego friendship bracelets make a statement all year round (think party favours for the next Lego-themed party).

Staab has provided some simple step-by-step instructions, so get out the power drill and sacrifice a few bits of Lego for the cause (goodness knows we have enough to fit out everyone at my kids’ school in Lego friendship bracelets!).

(via Wired)

When you live in a house with four Lego crazy kids, nothing says love on Valentine’s Day more than a Lego themed gift. These Lego Friendship Bracelets are a perfect fit for just that. I have a daughter and three sons, and I love an idea that acknowledges smart, creative girls can love building and creating with Lego bricks, too. Since my boys are mostly teenagers now, I doubt I could get them to actually wear these bracelets, but they would love the construction part (translation: drilling holes in the bricks with loud power tools).   I stumbled upon this adorable idea on a website called The Centsible Life.  It was submitted by a blogger named Tonya Staab, who suggests that even if you don’t get these made in time for Valentine’s Day, they would work great for party favors at a Lego themed birthday party and stocking stuffers at Christmas. I’d think they would also be a fun thing to make when kids are trying to pass the time on sick days or having a few friends over for an epic sleepover party. Here are the simple directions, with very helpful pictures.   I do believe it’s time to dig around in the basement for my power drill. This year Valentines Day is going to about more than just heart shaped pancakes and a giant box of guilt free chocolate.

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