Show us your party – Callum’s aeroplane birthday


plane party 2 Show us your party – Callum’s aeroplane birthday

Here’s a red-white-and-blue birthday for boys that will have you reaching for the sky! Come inside Callum’s amazing aeroplane party.

Yes, it does seem red, white and blue is a popular colour choice when it comes to parties. It’s cropped up here in a circus soiree, a bunting party, a Wizard of Oz spectacular and now in this sky-high celebration. And isn’t it spectacular!

plane party 41 Show us your party – Callum’s aeroplane birthday

The attention to detail in Callum’s first birthday celebration is so incredible and the lovely styling so impeccable that it’s hard to believe this is the first party his mum Kylie has ever thrown. She’s been collecting those beautiful glass lolly jars on her table for years in anticipation of finding a special use for them one day – well, the very first birthday for your first-born child is certainly that.

We love how Kylie chose the theme. Apparently Callum is going through a pointing phase and has quite a thing for aeroplanes, so his little fingers spend a lot of time jabbing at the air. So Kylie decided an “up in the air” theme would be perfect. Of course, we agree!

plane party 6 Show us your party – Callum’s aeroplane birthday

Kylie designed the sweet invitations and envelopes herself and printed them on her home computer, along with all the other stationery bits and pieces like the matching take-home tags, chocolate wrappers and sweets table menu signs.

plane party 7 Show us your party – Callum’s aeroplane birthday

Look at the darling lolly bags. They were plain when she found them at Sharnel Dollar Designs but Kylie designed the motif and then hand-printed it onto each bag using simple iron-on transfers. But that’s not all. She even hand-stamped little red aeroplanes onto the wooden cake forks to match her theme.

plane party 1 Show us your party – Callum’s aeroplane birthday

Clearly, creative talent runs in the family because just look at the cake baked and decorated by Callum’s own grandmother! And guess what? It’s her first attempt at a birthday cake too. Admittedly, she has finished a course at Planet Cake, but still. All we can say is `wow’.

plane party 5 Show us your party – Callum’s aeroplane birthday

plane party 9 Show us your party – Callum’s aeroplane birthday

Kylie and her mum also made their own marshmallows, raspberry panna cotta and the adorable plane-shaped gingerbread cookies, which they slipped into individual zip-lock bags with matching handmade thank-you tags for people to take home. We’re not surprised that most didn’t even make it past the front door before being promptly eaten. The chocolate is Lindt, purchased from Kylie’s local deli and rewrapped in her own personalised labels.

plane party 3 Show us your party – Callum’s aeroplane birthday

Finally, here’s something this amazing duo didn’t make themselves! Mouth-watering strawberry and vanilla macaroons from Sydney’s La Rennaisance Café. They’re seen here on a divine milk glass platter from Donna Hay’s General Store that Kylie prettied up with some ribbon and decorative paper by Cristina Re.

plane party 8 Show us your party – Callum’s aeroplane birthday

Here’s another idea we can’t help but adore. All the guests, even the adults, toasted the birthday boy with his favourite drink – chocolate milk, sipping it through matching paper straws from Occasion by Design.

And now here’s the birthday boy himself, smartly decked out in matching stripes, with his über-clever mum. Kylie, your party is such a plane delight that we’re sure there’s a thriving party design business somewhere in your future! (Surprise, surprise – since writing this post, Kylie and her mum have started that party styling business. Good luck ladies!)

plane party 10 Show us your party – Callum’s aeroplane birthday

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  1. I agree, overdone parties aren’t the best, but Congrats to Mum & Gran for a sensational spread… Dare I say it won’t happen for baby #2 on such a grand scale, but you know what – that cake is sensational and the silhouette of Mum & Bub is gorgeous!

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  2. Hi Nikki,

    Thanks so much for featuring Callum’s party. Mum and I were super chuffed to have it appear on Babyology.

    Hope you are well,


    Posted .
  3. I think it is absolutely beautiful. :)
    Makes me envious that I am not that talented. It would have been a beautiful day.

    Aren’t all first birthday parties for parents and guests anyway?

    Posted .
  4. Just amazing! We also did a red and white theme for our one year old, but no where near as delightful as this! What detail and effort – you are amazing!! Again, well done!! Lots of great ideas!

    Posted .
  5. So beautiful! It is clear to me that all that work and attention to detail comes from a deep love for little Callum, what a blessed little one to have family that will spend many many hours preparing to celebrate the anniversary of his arrival!

    What exactly is wrong in spending loads of time and money on children? It certainly doesn’t spoil them. ‘Spoiling’ comes from lack of discipline and values education NOT from showering children in love, laughter and celebration! Childhood should be a magical time…and this party looks magical to me! I only wish I could reproduce such a beautiful party for my daughter in 6 months time!

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  6. Spectacular!

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  7. WOW WOW WOW! Kylie and her mother are extremely talented. Their talents would be wasted if they did not share them through a party planning adventure. All the best ladies. Little Callum is truely blessed to have you both in his life. Can you share with us where you got the adorable little milk bottles? They are so precious!

    Posted .
  8. Hi Lynnie,

    Thank you for your lovely comments. We will let you in on a little secret. The little milk bottles are actually recycled juice jars from Woolworths. They are 125ml each and come in a pack of 6. They are called Santa Vittoria Pear Fruit Nectar. Just soak the bottles in hot water, peel off the labels and then boil them to sterilise. Enjoy !


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  9. Hi Kylie

    What program did you use on your computer to get those fabulous invitations?

    Posted .
  10. Hi Rebekah, I use a variety of programs but mainly Inkscape and Photoshop.


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  11. Thank you Kylie

    My little girl turns 1 in January and I’d like to make my own invitations and you have given me inspiration. I love the cake too. I have done a few Planet Cake courses but your mum is much better than me!!


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  12. I know I’m late in commenting but I just came upon this more than fabulous party for your little man. STUNNING! This looks more gorgeous than some “professional” parties I’ve seen. It’ has such a warm but polished and elegant look. KUDDOS to you both!! I also completely agree with what Dani has said. Some of my most fond memories of childhood are those of my super FUN and FABULOUS birthdays. I am trying to build wonderful memories for my children with their parties as well. It’s ONE day in the entire year that is completely devoted to just THEM. How can we NOT celebrate!?!

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    I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to looking at your web page again.

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