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books for children

We just adore this brand new site, because it couples two of our most loved things – books and technology. Allow us to introduce you to the pure genius that is Book Kids.

We all know how important books are for childhood development – right from babyhood, so a site that can steer us in the right literary direction for our child’s age and stage ticks all of the boxes. Book Kids is a new chapter in the age-old, much-loved pastime of reading.


Book Kids is a children’s book recommendation site, aimed at kids up to six years old. The driving force behind Book Kids is a love for books and promoting reading to children. Primarily the site can be used as a resource to research books – which you can then borrow from your local library, buy from your local book store, or purchase from recommended sites like Amazon, The Book Depository and Booktopia.


Book Kids is a fantastic place to browse the virtual book shelves, thanks to some really handy categories. You can browse through books organised in age categories, or grouped into bedtime stories, or books for toddlers or preschoolers. There are also groupings for books dealing more specific categories like grief and emotions.  These handy categories have to be my favourite feature, as I love to recommend friends buy my children books for birthday gifts. But my children have been given some inappropriate titles from well-meaning friends. It’s great to be able to have a list of age-appropriate books at the ready. And Book Kids carefully selects each book, making sure it adheres to certain criteria for each category.

books for children

The founder of this very clever site (ok, I’ll admit I’m slightly jealous I didn’t think of this brilliant idea first!) is mum-of-three Vanessa Knight. The Sydney-based mum has been working with pre-school children for two decades, and is trained as an early childhood teacher – so she has hands-on knowledge of the benefits of reading to and with children. And she’s also very familiar with the best books for children – like most of us, she can recite dozens by memory – Where Is The Green Sheep, anyone?!

You can browse the site locally at Book Kids, and there’s also a US-based site.



  1. What a great idea! I believe that if you allow children to love words the World can be theirs! It can be hard picking books as gifts-I once bought one about Dads only to find it told the child that their dad was Santa which is against everything I wanted them to know at that age. Congrats and ill be using and recommending your site-already have my eye on Picassos Trousers from the intro!

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  2. My son loves Picasso’s trousers so much that he’ll often have days where he has to be Picasso completely dressed in stripes including socks and undies,

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