Nuno Nono – minimalism for littlies

Kids have a certain way of ‘filling a space’ but take a look at this stunning minimalist nursery school before the kid-clutter took over.

Designed by architects Girod + Anton, the Nuno Nono preschool in Valencia, Spain was purposely created as a ‘blank slate’, the concept being that children should not be overwhelmed with ‘fun’ design that adults mistakenly think kids need.

The rooms are dominated by single primary colours, clean lines and minimalist furniture. Obviously toys and furniture were added since the preschool opened last year and the architects have a photo album showing the space a year on, filled with happy kids and their abundant clutter!

So Babyologists, what do you like – minimalism or a ‘busy’ space when it comes to preschool?

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  1. Love it (as an architect and a mother) there’s is enough colour not to compete or overwhelm once filled with kids stuff. Lots of rounded corners, plenty of storage, well thought out overall I think. And I bet on a sunny Spanish day the the outdoor space is brightened by the blue sky.

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  2. As they say, blank canvas = a rainbow assortment of colours. It’ll look bland now, but imagine what will happen when you have them drawing all over the walls.

    Hey! Its a work of art for the kiddies, less hassle to clean up.

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