My Little Jedi – perfect party printables

my little jedi 1 My Little Jedi – perfect party printables

There’s enough to do when planning the perfect party without having to pound the pavements looking for invites and paper decorations. Now you can get all of this without leaving the seat you’re on right now!

My Little Jedi has created a range of stunning party papergoods which arrive in your inbox in PDF format. You then print them off in the comfort of your own home and voila, you have all you need to decorate your party!

my little jedi 4 My Little Jedi – perfect party printables

On the printable are cutouts for invites, cupcake wrappers, bottle wraps, decorative circles, lolly boxes, party hats and also a beautiful banner. They’re all co-ordinated both in colour and your choice of theme. For girls there are three styles to choose from; Vintage Chic Party Suite in a choice of two colours, plus Damask Love. For boys there are Race Time Party Suite and Damask Love in lemon and turquoise.

Simply order the style you like, email through the details of the event, and it will arrive in no time. The printables are $40 a set from My Little Jedi. This is such a neat timesaver with a professional result!

my little jedi 3 My Little Jedi – perfect party printables


  1. Hi, I’m having trouble viewing the link to their website, can you please check if it is correct? thanks.

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  2. Hi Donna, I can access it ok. Hope it can be resolved for you – the site is stunning! Cheers Suzi

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  3. Hmmm, I am having the same problem Donna.

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  4. I just clicked the links in the post and had no problems!

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  5. Thanks Suzi, still having trouble but I wonder if it’s because I’ve been trying to view it on my iPad, I’ll try a desktop computer today.

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  6. Thank you so much for featuring our party printables! :)

    p.s Ladies, thank you so much for your lovely feedback. Unfortunately my website can’t be viewed on ipad. Adobe flash doesn’t work on ipad. I hope you can visit my website via a different device. :) x

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