Kindergarten Tel Aviv style

At the kindergarten my children attend, the parents’ committee recently spent a vast amount of time and effort to have a new verandah built. In the coming year there are numerous other improvements planned –  small changes, working slowly toward the vision we have for the kindergarten. And yet sometimes I wonder what I would do if presented with a clean slate.

A look at an amazing private kindergarten in Ramat Hasharon, a suburb of Tel Aviv in Israel shows just what can be done when spaces for children are designed from scratch. Instead of a riot of ‘stimulating’ primary colours, architects Lev-Gargir designed the space according to Bauhaus principles (most familiar to residents of Tel Aviv)  – form follows function – to create a magnificent, calm space.

It is without doubt the most stylish ‘home corner’ I have ever seen. The images tell the story.

(Via The Cool Hunter)


  1. Yes, it’s quite stylish, but a little clinical as well. A bit more cosiness couldn’t hurt. But probably it’s just so tidy for the pictures :0)

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  2. I love it. I am always in favour space and lots of glass. It looks fantastic!!!!

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  3. I love it!

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  4. lucky kids :)

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  5. LOVE…
    so the shelves are empty… who needs craft supplies anyway?! it’s only going to mess up that gorgeous space. lol
    While those hanging/swinging toys look like a lot of fun, I can just see little mister green t-shirt and jeans getting a bit of momentum up and taking out little miss pigtails and yellow overalls.
    Deliberate design is wonderful.
    Love the calming blue.

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  6. So are the kids able to make a mess and be kids!! beautiful but hard to see how it is actually child friendly!!

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  7. As a neat freak who stresses if there is extra clutter, I think this is the perfect kindy for children of a similar nature. It’s calming and i’m sure once all the supplies are on the shelves and there is a full class of children it wont look so clinical. I love it! When is one in WA starting up?

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