Keepy – an app to store and share your children’s artwork


This is one of the most impressive ways we’ve come across the store your children’s artwork. It’s online, interactive and the deal clincher? It’s free!

Keepy has just been launched in Australia, so you’re among the first people in the country to be able to use it. And trust me, this is something every parent will not only find use for, but will fall in love with.

We all have those familiar pangs of guilt when it comes time to clear the children’s beautiful artwork from the fridge (I just did mine this morning), playroom or anywhere else you display it in your home. Keepy is an iPhone and iPad app that allows you to store the artwork electronically (forever) and in turn, free up room in your home from miles of butcher-paper art.

Have a look at this video to see how clever Keepy is.

So this is how Keepy works. You take a photo of your child’s artwork (or anything else for that matter, Lego creations, reports, certificates – the list is infinite). You can then enhance the photo you’ve taken by cropping and tweaking the lighting. You then name the photo and add a date, then press record.

Next comes the part that I love – sharing. You can invite loved ones to become your child’s “fan” so they can see everything you upload. You can also share it with friends via email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And it only gets better, as the “fans” can then leave video comments for the children. And to safeguard the pictures, you can sync them to your Dropbox account.


Keepy is free to download and use, but if you want some extra features you can upgrade to Premium for $2.99 a month or $29.99 for a year. This will allow automatic Dropbox syncing, unlimited photos, voice-overs, video comments and fans.

We’ve previously featured some very creative ways to store and display children’s artwork, including magnetic wallpaper, canvases, jewellery, art books and tote bags.


  1. It’s awesome! A shame I couldnt download it yet! I went to the website and it said that it hasn’t been launched yet. =(

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  2. I did the same however if you go to the App Store you can download the app on your iphone or IPad. I’ve started adding artwork this afternoon. It’s lots of fun!

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  3. Babyology team, what a wonderful post! All of us at keepy send you a big THANKS. :) We hope all our new keepy families enjoy our labor of love, please feel free to send us feedback.

    We noticed Julia had trouble finding our download link, here it is:

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