Fantastically fun dress ups – it’s Halloween!

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With my three-year-old randomly yelling “Happy Halloween” up to two months after the fact last year, I knew Halloween fever had hit our household. While many Australians have resisted a tradition which isn’t a part of our own history, it’s clear to me that Halloween is getting bigger every year here; it’s infectious and I absolutely love it! What can be better than dressing up and hitting the streets with lots of other ghouls, monsters, ghosts and goblins to collect lollies?

We’ve collected some ideas for this year that fellow Halloween-embracers will love; from food to crafts to dress-ups, you’ll find it all here in Babyology’s Halloween 2011 recommendations! I stopped short of the blood-spattered paper roll I found on Ebay but there’s plenty here that will delight the kids.

Above is a pretty owl costume from Pottery Barn Kids which has just started offering international shipping; woohoo! It’s AUD$56 plus post – also have a look around the amazing Halloween shop.

pottery Barn Kids dress ups halloween

Perhaps you have the budget to go luxury and we think this little Max costume by Etsy’s Katesy (below) is just the thing. It’s available in a variety of sizes. Alternatively make this stunning peacock costume for baby – you’ll find the tutorial over at Creatively Christy.

where the wild things are costume

There are many ideas for handmade costumes if you’re a crafty type. We all like to make things kids can use over and over again rather than a use-once philosophy, so we adore these beautiful wings. Great for both boys and girls, you’ll find the tutorial over at Prudent Baby.

We never fail to stop by the Martha Stewart site for the very best collection of things to make for each celebratory occasion. She’s got Halloween Central buzzing already over at her amazing site and you’re bound to find something you love like we did (below).

There’s a whole section on costumes that kids can make themselves so this is the go-to place if you need to make something in a jiffy or have kids old enough to set to work!


We’re lucky Halloween falls in spring so we have just the right weather for throwing a backyard Halloween party! There’s a whole stack of ideas over at Parents.


  1. Brilliant timing – I’m putting a dress-up box together for my nieces as a Christmas present. These DIY sites will be really handy!

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  2. Hey, I made those wings from Prudent Baby! You can see my effort here. It was for an Owl Costume for a Gruffalo birthday party.

    Posted .
  3. I purchased the Max costume above by Katesy. My son is 3 yrs old, it was $215 with the crown. She promised to send it by end of this week for a trip to Disneyland & Mickey’s Halloween Party…..she forgot to send in time, complained about having to pay overnight shipping, sent unlined costume that didn’t fit, crown about 4 inches too small, and different color than shown. She will not fix mistakes and it has been a nightmare to deal with her. Beware of this seller as she also tried to get me to pay her in WALMART gift cards which I refused thank goodness and now have paypal dispute.

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  4. Valerie I’m sorry to hear of the trouble you’ve had – I hope it gets sorted soon!

    Posted .

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